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Money in my salad: slang in language

Eat your greens, earn your bucks
Photo by Hector Bermudez  – Unsplash

This week while working on a copy assignment for a bank, I looked up other words that mean money.  I was surprised by what Google returned. In addition to a few formal words, five or so, there were a large number of slang words – probably more than 80.

All out of blog

A Word or 2 is at a loss for words – never a good thing when you punt yourself as a professional writer.

Nonetheless in my despair I Google ‘I’m all out of blog and so lost without you’ and there are 274 billion responses. The first 100 at least are for Air Supply’s All Out of Love, but among the first three a search response is “Are you feeling lost?” No, that is not my condition.

Content is king


vehicle-3224068_1280Where cash was once king, no-one wants to transact with hard currency, banks charge a fortune for handling the dirty lucre and it’s certainly not safe to be walking around with a stash in your back pocket.

Have no fear – CONTENT is the new king. Content is the king of the ‘interverse’. Everybody wants it, everybody has it and everybody dumps it anywhere and anyhow.