All out of blog

A Word or 2 is at a loss for words – never a good thing when you punt yourself as a professional writer.

Nonetheless in my despair I Google ‘I’m all out of blog and so lost without you’ and there are 274 billion responses. The first 100 at least are for Air Supply’s All Out of Love, but among the first three a search response is “Are you feeling lost?” No, that is not my condition.

But then it strikes me – being all of blog is not a happy space. I realise – and I know fellow bloggers will relate –  it is damn difficult to come up with an original blog week after week after infernal week.

And yet I am lost without my blog.  My blog is my platform for self-expression, to talk about language, to celebrate idioms and all the intricacies and quirks of the English language.

So, if I don’t have anything to say, I am lost and that will be that for today! Oh, wait a minute, that won’t do. The world hates a vacuum and Google finds for All out of Love as it self-corrects for a possible spelling error but there isn’t one.

So it appears I have to rethink my phrase as it’s not even tempting the most powerful search engine in the world.

Back to the SEO drawing board my friends, All Out of Blog just won’t fly.