Month: Feb 2019

All out of blog

A Word or 2 is at a loss for words – never a good thing when you punt yourself as a professional writer.

Nonetheless in my despair I Google ‘I’m all out of blog and so lost without you’ and there are 274 billion responses. The first 100 at least are for Air Supply’s All Out of Love, but among the first three a search response is “Are you feeling lost?” No, that is not my condition.

Making mountains out of molehills: idioms

If you’re from a family who tends to exaggerate, you will be familiar with the term making a mountain out of a molehill.

This may come about in a number of ways. If you forget to bring a cake to a tea party, your host might show a great deal of distress over your forgetfulness. The guests might think her performance is unnecessary as  most of them are on a raw-foods diet.

Chinese Wall is moral dilemma: How idioms originate

Chinese Wall in Poker
Poker is the perfect example of not showing your hand (photo by Raymond Tan)

As I contemplate my next travel destination, my enthusiasm starts with a trip to Russia, then Egypt and Morocco and finally India, again.

Then it occurs to me, having just finished reading Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin, why not China?